About me

Dear Students,

Dear authors,

Dear writer,

After a long journey of being a foreign correspondent in a pharmaceutical company I chose to become a teacher for German and studied scientific German, Philology and Philosophy in Vienna. In between my studies, I have graduated the correspondence course of STUBE and after my studies the "HinausLESEN" literary course, which I will graduate in this summer. From July 2022 I will be attending a correspondence course "Kreatives Schreiben" (creative writing) from Laudius.

I would be glad to teach you German, prepare you for your graduation and proofread your texts for expression, spelling and grammatical mistakes. While I love books and am a proud bookworm, I also love writing texts, thus composing biographies and press releases interest me greatly.

Currently, I am a proofreader for a German publishing firm and gladly take scientific papers, but also texts of fiction as well as technical literature.

Information about me for my students!

  • Name: Rebekka Maria

    Nickname: Rebekka (Not so fond of the nickname Becky)

  • Birthday: 12th March

    My favourite book: "A Monster Calls" ("Sieben Minuten nach Mitternacht)

    Favourite poem: Rainer Maria Rilke - Der Panther (the panther)

    Favourite author: haha... if I could only decide!

    Favourite philosopher: Donna Haraway, Kierkegaard

    Favourite song: Start me up- Rolling Stones

    Favourite movie/series: Into the Wild; Gilmore Girls, Captain Fantastic

    Favourite actor/actress: Heinz Erhardt

    What I love to eat the most: BLUEBERRIES

    What I love to drink the most: grape juice, but nothing compares to a lovely glass of lemon juice with sparkling water, raspberry tea

    What I love to play: Trivial Pursuit and DKT

    This is what I adore doing: reading and writing

    My heroes: my cuddle buddies (dogs & cats)

    I'm disgusted by: spiders of all kind, ignorance and discrimination