• Private tutoring, Matura-preperation and Germancourses
  • Low income countries
  • Block offers
  • Help for Ukrainians

Single prices

60 minutes online

26 €  including Homework

90 minutes online

37 € including Homework

If you want the course privately at home:

There would be to pay additional €6 for driving- and copycosts. District: Voitsberg

Low income countries

You want to improve or learn German, but you are from a country where you don`t earn much money? Ask for my special offers! Up from 10 Euros.

We will find the right price for you!

Save money with my block-offer

Get 4% or 3% discount

Click for the special offer here

10x -Block

60 Minuten (-4%) um NUR 249,60 Euro STATT 260,00

90 Minuten (-4%) um NUR 355,20 Euro STATT 370,00

5x -Block

60 Minuten (-3%) um NUR 126,10 Euro STATT 130,00

90 Minuten (-3%) um NUR 179,45 Euro STATT 185,00

Alle Preise sind aufgrund der Kleinunternehmensregelung umsatzsteuerfrei.

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